30 March 2021

Transgender Visibility

We celebrate our transgender community worldwide. 
In their strength, achievements, contributions & lives, despite still experiencing discrimination. 
We love you. You are valid!!

25 January 2021

1st Birthday

It’s one year since our Exequatur! 

Hard to say if that year has gone quickly or slowly but one thing is certain; to remember partying publicly in a packed Palace of Pulchritude certainly seems a world away from now!

So, darlings, a strange year but we are a strange Order! Happy first anniversary to the Chiffon Borg. We’ll see you (and you’ll see us) as soon as we can. MWWWWAH! 


01 December 2020

World AIDS Day

We remember those we have lost, unite in the fight against HIV and support those living and effected by HIV and AIDS. 

#zerohiv #endthesitgma #thtcymru #youareloved #worldaidsday2020

20 November 2020

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Today we light a candle as a sign of light and joy, to remember those in our transgender community whose lives were taken by violence, marginalization and prejudice. We commit to creating a brighter future.