08 August 2022

HIV Action Plan For Wales

Darlings!! Its Time. Time for what?........ I hear you ask.


You maybe aware that the Welsh Government published the draft #HIV Action Plan for Wales, if not you do now. With actions that the Government and partners can take to work towards reducing HIV transmissions and bettering the lives of people living with HIV in Wales.

The consultation period is open now & will be till September 14th.


We all know forms can be dull as dishwater to complete. So to help our lovely friends at Fast Track Cardiff & Vale have prepared a guide on how to respond for you in the link below


#endthestigma #WalesHIVActionPlan #YouAreLoved

09 July 2022

Bristol Pride

Our very own Sister Linda Hand, Sur Arthur Anybiscuitsleft, Novice Phillipa Cavity & Page Barney Rubber joined the Bristol sisters in spreading joy at Bristol Pride and no doubt a few other things too. 


06 June 2022

Jubilee Weekend!

Chiffon Borg OPI

Oh look who we bumped into last weekend.
Thank you to everyone who we spoke too & donated to our house. You are stars & loved.

04 June 2022

Our Saint Gordon

On this day we wish our Saint Gordon of the robustly supportive underwear the most fabulous of birthdays.