01 December 2021

World Aids Day


You think it may not affect you personally, but it does. Take a moment to think about people you've never met, and people you know, who've had no choice but to think about it. We love and support you.

20 November 2021

07 November 2021

Spooky Shenunigans


Chiffon Borg OPI

Our house has a spooky time last weekend.
hank to everyone who came to speak to us and bigger thank you for those who donated to our house.
Your are all amazing and loved. 

26 October 2021

Spooky Nuns

Hello pumpkin! Yes, you! Will you be out and about this weekend to celebrate Gay Christmas? Yes dear that means Halloween. Book your broomstick now. It will be lovely! You know you want to. See you there? Yes? YES!

We will be starting at Mary’s about 8PM on Saturday 30th October. 
89 Saint Mary Street CF10 1DW.